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  • Photography

    Mary Mattingly is an interdisciplinary artist based in New York. Mattingly explores the themes of home, travel, cartography, and humans’ relationships with each other, with the environment, with machines, and with corporate and political entities. She has been recognized for creating photographs and sculptures depicting and representing futuristic and obscure landscapes, for making wearable sculpture, “wearable homes,” and for her ecological installations, including the Waterpod (2009).

    She founded Swale, an edible landscape on a barge in New York City. Docked at public piers but following waterways common laws. Mary Mattingly’s artwork has also been exhibited at the Istanbul Biennale, the Havana Biennial, Storm King, the International Center of Photography, the Seoul Art Center, the Brooklyn Museum, the New York Public Library, deCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, and the Palais de Tokyo. With the U.S. Department of State and Bronx Museum of the Arts she participated in the smARTpower project, traveling to Manila.

  • Aled Llewelyn

    Aled Llewelyn is an
    internationally published
    freelance photographer based
    in south west Wales. He travels
    globally helping create content
    for clients. He is a regular
    contributor to all of the UK
    daily newspapers, covering a
    variety of stories and issues.

  • Alice Ball

    Alice Ball is a journalism
    student from London. A selfconfessed nutrition geek, if
    you can’t find her in the kitchen
    cooking up a storm she’s
    probably on a run or a hike. Alice
    is particularly fascinated by
    the effects of the food industry
    on climate change, having
    chosen to adopt a plant-based
    lifestyle three years ago

  • Alireza Memariani

    Alireza Memariani is a Tehran native who graduated in Industrial Design at Tehran’s University of Art & Architecture in 2009. Since graduating he has had a number of solo exhibitions in Iran and has been part of some group exhibitions in Iran, France and the US. His work spans sculpture, film and photography. Alireza often explores the concepts of death, loss, mourning and vanishing species.


  • André Carrilho

    André Carrilho has won 30
    national and international prizes
    in illustration, editorial cartoon,
    animation and caricature, and
    has shown his work in group
    and solo exhibitions around the
    world. He has been published
    in the New York Times, The
    New Yorker, Vanity Fair, New
    York Magazine, Independent on
    Sunday and New Statesman
    and various other publications.

  • André da Loba

    André da Loba is a published
    and exhibited artist whose
    work has received international
    acclaim. As an illustrator,
    animator, sculptor, and educator,
    André’s combination of curiosity,
    experience, knowledge and
    unknowing serves as the constant
    medium with which he creates
    and inspires. His list of clients
    include The New York Times, Time
    Magazine, The New Yorker, The
    Washington Post, The Boston
    GlobeNewsweek, and Bloomberg.

  • André Letria

    André Letria was born in Lisbon in 1973. He has worked as an illustrator since 1992, regularly illustrating books for children and collaborating with newspapers and magazines. In 2010, he founded Pato Lógico, an independent publishing house where he works with writers and illustrators he admires.


  • Andreea Constantinescu

    Andreea Constantinescu is an investor, entrepreneur and thought leader in the sustainable investing space. She has also recently joined as a Partner at Planet First Partners

    She is leveraging a 14-year career in mainstream finance into accelerating the path of development and adoption of environmental technologies. Originally from Romania, Andreea has a Bachelors in Economics from the University of Chicago and has lived in the finance capitals of the world.


  • Antoine Beauvois

    Antoine Beauvois is a comics artist and illustrator from Paris. He runs the publishing house Flutiste with two friends, where he creates, draws and edits his and others comic books. He has been nominated “Young Talent” at the International Comic Festival in Angouleme. In his own time, he works as an AD, screen-prints his drawings, and when possible, he sleeps.

  • Armazém Criativo
  • Atelier D'Alves
    Art Direction
  • Benjamin Youd

    Benjamin Youd is a portrait photographer who specialises in creating natural and observational stories that affect change. His passion about environmental and social issues help to define the work that he creates.


  • Cátia Lima

    Cátia Lima was born in Lisbon but spent most of her childhood in a rural village in the north of the country. She studied design and has a master’s degree in communication design at ESAD. Living in Porto, she is a passionate graphic designer and a nature enthusiast, working with Atelier d’Alves and growing her seeds in part time.

  • Chris King

    Chris King is a documentary storyteller using all forms of media to engage people on issues related to the food system and the climate crisis. Chris also runs various initiatives to empower others to tell their stories and provide platforms upon which to share them.


  • Daniel Beltrá

    Daniel Beltrá is a
    photographer based in Seattle,
    Washington. His passion for
    conservation is evident in images
    of our environment that are
    evocatively poignant. The most
    striking large-scale photographs
    by Beltrá are images shot from
    the air. This perspective gives
    the viewer a wider context to
    the beauty and destruction he
    witnesses, as well as revealing
    a delicate sense of scale.

  • Dr. Lara Frisch

    Dr. Lara Frisch, based
    in Berlin, has a PhD in group
    communication and works as
    a teamwork consultant and
    systemic supervisor. She sees
    her job as an endeavour to
    connect the dots between people,
    continuing her research on selforganisation, collective reflection,
    Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent
    Communication & David Bohm’s

  • Emma Bryce

    Emma Bryce is a London-based freelance journalist. She writes about a range of science- and health-based topics, and is particularly drawn to stories about the unfolding impacts of climate change on society. She has a Masters degree in Science, Health, and Environmental reporting from New York University. Her reporting has seen her sailing on Finland’s icy seas, wandering through palm groves in Morocco, and exploring abandoned coal mines in Germany.

  • Fabeha Monir

    Fabeha Monir is a Dhaka
    based visual journalist who
    uses still images, text and
    video to provide multi-faceted
    storytelling for editorial and
    non-profit clients. As a humanist
    photographer, she tells peoplefocused stories that explore the
    themes of social development,
    climate emergency, migration,
    gender violence and forced exile.

  • Gonçalo Viana

    Gonçalo Viana was born in
    Lisbon. He studied architecture
    and moved to London, where
    he worked for a few years. Back
    in Lisbon he started work as a
    freelance illustrator. Geometry
    seeped back in, providing a
    framework for his concepts,
    strong colours and textures.

  • Grant Hindsley

    Grant Hindsley is an editorial and commercial photographer based in Seattle, WA, USA. He is from outside Chicago but has a deep love of the American West. His personal work is largely focused on human geography, and in his free time he tries his best to combine good times outside with his partner, dog, and bike.

  • Greg Kahn

    Greg Kahn is a Washington,
    DC – based American
    documentary fine art
    photographer. Kahn’s work
    concentrates on issues that shape
    personal and cultural identity. His
    Pulitzer Prize nominated project,
    “It’s Not a House, It’s a Home,”
    explores how the foreclosure
    crisis in Florida defined a new
    class of homelessness. His recent
    project in Cuba considers how
    governance molds individuality.
    And in Kahn’s ongoing project 3
    Millimeters, the quiet depletion
    of land is the catalyst for the
    evolution of the inhabitants’
    identity. His clients include AARP,
    Bloomberg Businessweek,
    Fortune, National Geographic
    Traveler, New York Times
    Magazine, Wired among others.

  • Henrique Nascimento

    Henrique Nascimento is a Strategist & Design Researcher. His works include installations, visions, services, and products for companies like BMW Group, Audi Innovation Lab, and Siemens.

    With an MA from Design Academy Eindhoven, where he researched how machine intelligence and human intelligence will work together in the future. Shortly after, he co-founded the multidisciplinary collective Me you and the Robot, investigating the implications of robotisation on the future of work. From early 2018, he joined PCH Innovations, a technological consultancy studio in Berlin, where he worked as a strategic & service designer on new visions and solutions for a new global logic. He is currently based in Lisbon where he works in service & strategy design projects.

  • Joel Day

    Joel Day is a recent City
    University of London journalism
    grad, currently freelancing.
    You’ll always find Joel reading or
    writing something. Consumed
    by wanderlust but can never
    afford to travel. Welsh at heart,
    slowly losing his accent.

  • John Kazior

    John Kazior is an American design critic and illustrator based in Malmö, Sweden where he writes about the city’s many different species and their entangled lives. His writing on sustainability and design in the climate crisis can also be found in MOLD Magazine, the American Institute for Graphic Arts, and The Baffler.


  • José Cardoso

    José Cardoso is a Portobased freelance illustrator
    and character designer
    working under the Tomba
    Lobos alias since 2012. He is
    a regular contributor to social
    and human rights related
    magazines and institutions
    like the International Labour
    Organization, Monocle, United
    Nations and Weapons of Reason
    magazine among many others.

  • Julia Gunther

    Julia Gunther is a German photographer who specialises in documentary projects. Her work explores themes of representation, gender, visual identity and social activism, specifically, the role of women in society. Julia’s work has been featured in international publications and has been selected for exhibitions and festivals around the world. Her photography has won awards at the Wellcome Photography Prize, has been shown as part of the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize exhibition, and shortlisted for the Gomma Grant, Rabo Photographic Portrait Prize and Felix Schoeller Photography Award.

  • Julie Mallat

    Julie Mallat studied Design and Cultures at the University of the Arts of London, and is graduating from SciencesPo Paris with a Masters degree in Media and Communication. She is based between Paris and Beirut and has been working as an editorial assistant for Icarus Complex Magazine since January 2021. Specialised in Environmental Communication, Julie believes in the power of language and visual storytelling to induce climate action. Julie has also recently started an epic IG page dismantling propaganda in @theclimatepropagandist



  • Kristine Nyborg

    Kristine Nyborg is a Norwegian freelance photographer based in Ottawa, Canada. She pursues long-term projects focused on the intersection of mental health and sustainability, placing people’s relationships and their own voices in the spotlight. She has a degree in photojournalism, a master’s degree in ethnography, and her book Learning To Speak Bear is set to be published by Yoffy Press later this year.


  • Laura Pannack

    Laura Pannack is a London based photographer. Renowned for her portraiture and social documentary work, she seeks to explore the complex relationship between subject and photographer. Her work has been extensively exhibited and published worldwide, including at The National Portrait Gallery, The Houses of Parliament, Somerset House and the Royal Festival Hall in London. Her artwork has received much acclaim and won numerous awards, among which are the John Kobal Award , Vic Odden prize, World Photo Press Awards, Juliet Margaret Cameron award and the HSBC Prix de la Photographie prize. Driven by research-led, self-initiated projects, Pannack seeks to fully understand the lives of those she captures on film in order to portray them as truthfully as possible.  Perceiving “time, trust and understanding” to be the key elements to achieving this, many of her projects develop over several years, helping her achieve a genuine connection between herself and her sitter and allowing her to capture the intimacy, shared ideas and shared experiences of this relationship.

  • Layli Foroudi

    Layli Foroudi is a freelance journalist based in Tunis. She mostly writes about North Africa, covering a range of topics – from trees to viral videos to nostalgia to social unrest – for The Times, Reuters, the Financial Times, and the London Review of Books, among others. She was the recipient of the 2019 Richard Beeston Bursary in association with The Times. Previously, she worked as an assistant producer on Al Jazeera English’s media analysis programme, The Listening Post and as an arts reporter in Moscow.


  • Le.Blue

    An illustration duo based in London, Matt Blue and Loanne Le started collaborating based on a mutual passion for contemporary art, graphic novels, comics and manga. Their works are hand-drawn pieces set predominantly in black and white. Much of their work  takes inspiration from western cultures and Asian ideologies. Often exploring how polar opposites can also complement each other, common themes are ink and digital, positive and negative, spiritual and political, archaic and futuristic.

  • Mahdi Khmili

    Mahdi started his career in his home town of Kairouan at the age of 17 when he founded an association called I-Photo Kairouan that organised photography events. What started as a hobby turned into a profession, when he also took on filmmaking. Mahdi is the head of media at el Seed’s studio.


  • Mandy Barker

    Mandy Barker is an international award-winning photographer whose work involving marine plastic debris for more than 12 years, has received global recognition. Working with scientists she aims to raise awareness about plastic pollution in the world’s oceans, highlighting the harmful effect on marine life and ourselves – ultimately leading the viewer to take action. Barker’s work has been published in over 50 different countries including; National Geographic Magazine, TIME Magazine, The Guardian, The Financial Times, Smithsonian, The New Scientist, The Explorer’s Journal, UNESCO, The British Journal of Photography, VOGUE, the World Wildlife Fund. Her work has been exhibited world-wide from MoMA Museum of Modern Art, and the United Nations headquarters in New York, the Victoria & Albert Museum London, and the Science & Technology Park Hong Kong.


  • Maryam Ishani

    Maryam Ishani is a Hong
    Kong-based journalist and
    editor for Agence France-Presse
    covering the Asia Pacific and
    previously for Foreign Policy
    and The Guardian. With a B.
    Arts from McGill and an M.Sc
    from Columbia, she specialises
    in security issues and climate
    and is currently writing her
    first book about migration.

  • Matjaz Krivic

    Matjaz Krivic is a documentary photographer capturing stories of people and places, focusing on environmental issues. For 25 years he has covered the face of the earth in his intense, personal and aesthetically moving style that has won him several prestigious awards, including World Press Photo in 2016.



  • Mehran Cheraghchi

    Mehran’s interest in art and photography in particular started after earning a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from Arak University. Today, Mehran is a professional art, industrial and advertising photographer and teacher who has eight solo shows under his belt from Tehran, Tabriz, Istanbul to Bursa.  His photography has been published in domestic and international magazines. Mehran teaches photography at The Youth Cinema Association, and holds workshops at universities in Iran and Turkey.

  • Mike Danner

    Danner’s artistic works adopts a political and anthropological approach, where he investigates contested sites and histories. The work takes the form of photographs and moving image, which often include archival material and text intertwined into multilayered systems. In CRITICAL MASS Danner investigates the nuclear industry and its controversies.

  • Mike Zenari

    Mike Zenari has been
    passionate about photography
    from a young age. He
    enjoyed experimenting with
    various cameras, lenses and
    films. He likes to capture
    moments on the spot and tell
    stories with his images.

  • Miko Maciaszek

    Miko Maciaszek is a freelance illustrator from Toronto, Canada. He received his BA in Illustration at Sheridan College in Oakville and has been working since 2012 with clients including The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, and Scientific American. Miko is currently based in Warsaw, Poland where he also studies botany and beekeeping.

  • Mona Iman

    Mona Iman is an attorney
    at Immigrant Defenders Law
    Center, a non-profit law firm in
    California, where she provides
    pro bono deportation defense
    to unaccompanied minors and
    detained adults seeking asylum
    and other legal protections
    in the U. S.. She has broad
    experience in human rights
    advocacy and international legal
    development in government
    and civil society settings. She
    earned her J.D. from Georgetown
    University Law Center.

  • Na’im Moore

    Na’im Moore is a Barcelona-based artist and illustrator. Inspired by the absurdity that afflicts all of humanity in equal portion, Naim’s pared-down ink drawings explore connections between humans, other humans, and their environments. His work can be found on various walls, publications, products, and bodies around the world, as well as on instagram at @naimonpaper

  • Nabil Samadani

    Nabil Samadani is a native Californian, born to parents who immigrated from Iran during the Iranian revolution. Nabil owns and operates his brand SALT SURF, which he uses as a platform to create an inclusive space in the surf world and as a vehicle to help people gain an appreciation for the beauty of nature. He also works as a creative director, designer and photographer. Nabil currently resides in Los Angeles, California.


  • Nadim Roberts

    Nadim Roberts is a
    London-based journalist and
    documentary filmmaker whose
    work has been published
    in The Guardian, The Wall
    Street Journal, Granta and
    the CBC, among others.

  • Naurarat Suksomstarn

    Naurarat Suksomstarn
    is a photographer based in
    London and a keen free diver
    trying to save the ocean on
    one breath-hold at a time.

  • Olivia Rafferty

    Olivia Rafferty is an aspiring
    Middle Eastern correspondent
    currently getting her journalism
    degree at City University of
    London. She believes that no
    action is too small to finding a
    solution to our climate crisis.

  • Peter Garritano

    Peter Garritano is a
    photographer based in New
    York City, US. His work has been
    featured in The New York Times,
    The New Yorker, TIME, Wired,
    Fast Company, CNN,
    The Atlantic, VICE, People,
    The Huffington Post,
    Wallpaper*, Elle, Dazed and
    various other publications. In
    2017 he was named among
    PDN’s 30 New And Emerging
    Photographers To Watch.

  • Richard Allen

    Richard is a graduate of Central Saint Martins College in London where he studied Fine Art (Painting) and Illustration. In May 2017 he won the prestigious V&A Illustration prize, winning the Editorial Illustration award and the Moira Gemmill Memorial prize for Illustrator of the Year. In May 2019 he won the V&A award for Illustrated Journalism. Richard has won gold medals from the UK’s Association of Illustrators in their annual juried awards. He has also won gold and silver awards from the Society of Illustrators (LA) the Society of Illustrators (NY) and 3×3. He has been recognized by Communication Arts. A.Richard Allen’s picture book, ‘Apes-a-Go-Go!’ was published by Harper Collins/ Random House.

    Clients include the New Yorker, the Folio Society, Plansponsor, New York Times, Washington Post, The Wall St Journal, The Guardian, the Financial Times, The Times, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, Esquire, Reader’s Digest, BBC Worldwide, Nokia , Siemens, Orange, and Greenpeace.
    Richard also paints and in 2016 won the Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year.



  • Roz Yazdan

    Roz Yazdan is from
    Vancouver, Canada and has
    a background in policy for the
    federal government. She also
    works on election campaigns as
    a data and political strategist.
    Roz is currently completing
    research on the European
    Union sustainable finance
    paradigm. Roz has a Masters
    of Science in Environmental
    Policy and Regulation from the
    London School of Economics.

  • Ruby Sgueglia

    Ruby Sgueglia is a multidisciplinary artist and illustrator, currently holding a BFA in Illustration from Parsons School of Design. Born and raised in New York’s Hudson Valley, their work is heavily influenced by the scenery and history of the area. In addition to honoring the Hudson Valley, Ruby explores the physical landscapes of the subconscious, creating surreal and dreamlike scenes.

  • Sara Wong

    Sara Wong is an illustrator living in the Bay Area. She is most interested in amplifying the emotional undertones of stories big and small and lends her illustrations often to social issues. Some of her clients include The New York Times, NPR, The Marshall Project, and Columbia Journalism Review.


  • Sebastião Peixoto

    Sebastião Peixoto works as a freelance illustrator, collaborating with publishers such as Planeta, Leya, Porto Editora and La Fragatina. His work has been published by Fanzines, magazines and newspapers. He regularly participates in collective exhibitions of painting and illustration in Portugal and abroad.


  • Simon Simard


    Simon Simard is a photographer based in Boston, MA. He has worked for editorial clients such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, and The Hollywood Reporter.


  • Solmaz Daryani

    Solmaz Daryani is an Iranian documentary photographer loosely based between Iran and the UK. She is a grantee of the Magnum Foundation, National Geographic Society grantee, and a member of Women Photograph and Diversify Photo. Her work is mainly known for exploring the themes of climate change, water crisis, focusing on humans and their relationships with the environment, communities, and cultures. Her ongoing project, The Eyes of Earth, is the 2015 London Magnum Photos Grant recipient, 2020 The Alexandra Boulat scholarship, 2018 PhotogrVphy Grant, and 2021 FotoEvidence Book Award.
    2020. She started approaching photography as a self-taught photographer in 2012, after independent studies on cinematography.


  • Sonja Van Renssen

    Sonja is a freelance energy, climate and environment journalist and moderator based in Brussels. She writes for Nature Climate Change, Platts, Foresight Climate & Energy, ENDS Europe, Natural Gas World, NNA Europe and others. Sonja regularly moderates high-level debates and conferences on energy, climate and environment. She won a BBC-sponsored “Young Broadcaster of the Year Award” in 2005.


  • Sonya Van Renssen

    Sonja is a freelance energy, climate and environment journalist and moderator based in Brussels. She writes for Nature Climate Change, Platts, Foresight Climate & Energy, ENDS Europe, Natural Gas World, NNA Europe and others. Sonja regularly moderates high-level debates and conferences on energy, climate and environment. She won a BBC-sponsored “Young Broadcaster of the Year Award” in 2005.


  • Sven Becker

    Sven is an independent photographer based in Luxembourg. His visual narratives have had a marked impact on the publications he works with such as Lëtzebuerger Land , Paperjam, Delano, City Mag. He has also been commissioned by die Welt, NidoLes jours and Bloomberg businessweek. He has documented major events in Istanbul, Turkey where he covered the Gezi Park occupation protests and the terrorist attack on New Year’s eve 2016, Myanmar and Japan in 2015, or Teheran, Iran in 2016 where he the covered cultural scene of Iranian artists, and Paris in 2019 where he documented the Gilets Jaunes movement.


  • Tara Aghdashloo

    Tara Aghdashloo is a writer and director born in Iran. After working as a journalist and documentary maker, she completed her first independent feature documentary in 2020. Her work has appeared on BBC, Channel 4, and Manoto TV, while her essays, articles and stories have been published in The Guardian, Ibraaz, Real Life, The New Inquiry, and TANK. Tara’s collection of poetry was published in 2011. Since 2016 she has created music videos, fashion films, and is currently working on a short film.


  • Thomas Patterson

    Thomas Patterson is a
    photographer, film producer,
    visual editor and creative
    consultant who likes to focus
    on people and communities in
    transition. Based in Portland,
    Oregon, he specialises in
    multimedia projects for editorial,
    corporate and non-profit
    clients around the world.

  • Tim Dougherty

    Timothy Dougherty began working as a freelance writer in 2019, focusing on environmental and global issues. Tim co-authored Timelapse: How We Change the Earth, a collection of satellite images showcasing how human activity has transformed the planet so rapidly.

    Originally from Philadelphia, Tim currently resides in San Francisco where he enjoys the outdoors.

  • Two Lands Media
    Art Direction

    Two Lands Media is a storytelling studio that creates content centered around our complex relationships to the environment. TLM was founded by Gelareh Darabi and Marc Griebel — an immigrant who fled her homeland in the Middle East as an infant and a Métis man whose family has farmed the same soil in northern Canada for four generations. In between these Two Lands is a richness of stories.


  • Zoë Casey

    Zoë Casey is a freelance journalist based in Brussels specialising in energy, environment and climate issues. Her work has included writing about renewable energy, agriculture and the broad spectrum of EU policymaking aimed at mitigating the worst effects of global heating. Zoë also writes blog articles on how to live a zero-waste lifestyle.