Raajadharshini is an image maker whose work intricately weaves together documentary, fashion, and portraiture to explore the raw emotions, stories, and connections that define diverse communities based between London and India.

Born in Tamilnadu, India, her practice is deeply rooted in celebrating the vibrancy and energy of her cultural background. Through a collaborative approach, she captures the essence of human connection, portraying moments of love, intimacy, and friendship that form the fabric of communities.

She delves into the resilience and unity found amidst adversity, celebrating the strength and spirit of individuals and communities often overlooked in mainstream visual culture. Guided by a dedication to authenticity and representation, she challenges the boundaries of fashion narratives, advocating for visibility and representation for all – believing in the importance of dismantling the barriers that have historically limited fashion to certain demographics, striving to create work that reflects the diversity of everyday culture and offers an alternative to the dominance of Western lenses.

“This story about Oshadi embodies the intersection of my artistic vision and their commitment to values like sustainability, ethical production, celebrating tradition, and empowering communities. They delve into the zeitgeist of a regenerative movement, where fashion transcends trends and empowers communities.

Through intimate portraits of farmers, artisans, and the lush landscapes of the lifeblood that is their 250-acre cotton farm, we tried weave a narrative that showcases their mindful practices along with their latest in-house collection.

More than aesthetics, Oshadi and I strive to ignite conversations about challenging the monolithic fashion narrative. Nishanth Chopra, the visionary founder of Oshadi is so inspiring. They don’t just produce regenerative cotton, but an entire regenerative system and a lifestyle. During my visit to the unit, I witnessed firsthand the embodiment of their ethos. it was literally like a utopia. All the employees were so kind, genuinely happy and committed to their work. He is well-known in the village and is always available to help anyone in need. His dedication to both the environment and the community is palpable and reflected in the vibrant atmosphere of the workplace.

Oshadi’s commitment to values like sustainability, ethical production, and community empowerment resonates deeply with my photographic vision. Their regenerative revolution isn’t just about producing clothing; it’s about cultivating an entire ecosystem of positive change. Our backgrounds and motivations converge on this project, driven by a shared belief in the power of art and activism to shape culture. Through our continued collaboration, we aim to spark conversations that challenge rigid fashion narratives and celebrate the diversity of experiences and ethical practices within the industry.”