An in-depth look at the issues and solutions surrounding Climate Change.

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Issue 1

140 pages, release Sep 2019 ISSN 2658-9885

In this first issue, we present you three Voices under 30, Benji Backer, Yassamin Ansari and Djuna Bernard, who are actively working on climate policy in the US, Europe and at the UN. We look at the role of the Law on both sides of the Atlantic in affecting change in our conversations with Julia Olson and ClientEarths Karla Hill.

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When you think about the feasibility of any environmental overhaul, it often depends on the question of economics. We look at whether economic growth is compatible with environmentalism, zoom in on what lobbies are actively working against climate regulation at the EU level and what energy alternatives are gaining traction.

There is a lot of talk about carbon capture technologies, which is great, but the reality is that it would be much wiser, cheaper and sustainable to maintain the best carbon capture technology we have on the planet: the rainforest. At the time we went to print, the fires had not yet ravaged the South American rainforest. With this latest catastrophe in mind, it only makes a stronger case for the fight to preserve the rainforest. Right now, the rainforest is still under tremendous threats that take different shapes from Indonesia, to the Congo Bassin and the Amazon. This is our call to action to save the rainforest and our future, and that of the indigenous people who inhabit those lands, for good.

Finally, we look at two inevitable outcomes of the climate emergency: the question of climate migrants and refugees, and the breakdown of the world’s food systems.

Icarus Complex is thus born. Enjoy the read and please engage with us, we want to hear your opinions, suggestions, criticism and hopes.

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