An in-depth look at the issues and solutions surrounding Climate Change.

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Ocean Health Resilience & Adaptation

Alternatives to Overfishing

While there are certainly policy solutions to rampant overfishing, not all solutions will come from...

Economic models

Voices: Europe’s effort towards a circular economy. An interview with Cliona Howie from EIT Climate-KIC

EIT Climate-KIC orchestrates a Circular, Regenerative Economies Deep Demonstration program to design national-level transitions to...


Leading in the Anthropocene

Welcome to the Anthropocene — the new geological epoch defined by the wrecking of forests,...

Art/Culture Design

The « ice stupas » of the Himalayas: climate positive technology captured by Greg White

At first glance, these gigantic cones could appear as curious temples, or some types of...


New York’s Extinction — Taking a closer look at our Federally Endangered Plants

As forests became our pandemic escape, our curiosity with the outdoors renewed. Previously quiet trails...


On the importance of art and science to protect the Ocean: an interview with Markus Reymann from TBA21-Academy

Over the past decade, contemporary art organisation and cultural ecosystem TBA21—Academy has been promoting a...


Voices: Human Dominance on Earth. An interview with Karina Castro

How would you describe your visual storytelling? My narratives are focused on the territory’s socio-political...


Designing for an ecosystem in crisis

If ever there was a threshold for the climate crisis it was passed long ago....


Six-Legged Design

One of the biggest insect stories of 2020 has been the invasion of the United...


Get the built environment working properly and sort out the Climate & Ecological Emergency

2019 feels like a very long time ago, and definitely a different world away. The...