An in-depth look at the issues and solutions surrounding Climate Change.

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Resilience & Adaptation

‘Resilience is about learning to thrive under uncertainty’

Q+A with Nathanial Matthews from the The Global Resilience Partnership We no longer live in...

Economic models Political

Europe tries to reconcile climate and economy

Climate action, and jobs and growth are not old friends. The COVID-19 crisis is a...

Business Economic models

What’s the cost of NOT going sustainable? – the better question

Transitioning my consultancy’s focus from digital and technology transformation to sustainability transformation, I’ve started working...

Business Carbon Capture Ocean Health

The Cost of Marine Biodiversity in the Fight Against Climate Change

Marine biodiversity became an area of distinctive interest for me over the summer. I spent...

Carbon Capture

CO2 removals: six things you need to know

Europe wants to be the world’s first climate neutral continent. In March 2020, the European...

Business Ocean Health

A voice for females in the future of fishing

Célia Rodrigues is the owner and founder of an award-winning oyster producing business specialising in...

Economic models

Five alternative economic models

There is a lot of talk around how the capitalist growth model is at the...


What you can do about palm oil: identify it and avoid it

In recent decades, acres of rainforests have disappeared, threatening the atmospheric balance of the planet and ending the...

Agriculture Urban farming

A look at how Urban Farming could reduce our carbon footprint going forward

Amid the grey grid work of high-rise buildings, a multitude of shades of green have...


How brands are ‘greenwashing’ you into a false sense of sustainability

When a brand describes itself as ‘eco-friendly’, ‘organic’ and ‘sustainable’, it must be working hard...